Keith is a Company Chairman and Financial Management Professional with a successful track record in the Financial Services Industry. He is highly respected in the financial sector for innovative product development, facilitated by demonstrable business acumen.

Born in the heart of Yorkshire, Keith was brought up and educated in Bradford. At the tender age of 16 he joined British Rail in Bradford and on gaining a promotion went to work in the South East and became Britain’s youngest Station Master at the age of 21, an achievement which Keith is still immensely proud of today. 

Returning to Yorkshire from the South East, Keith formed an independent financial services business and quickly established a reputation for his innovative approach and creativity in providing products that were relevant, not only to the everyday man, but also to high-worth individuals and companies. The business grew substantially both in the UK and abroad, and Keith finally sold his company in 2004 to Yorkshire Investment Group when his business partner retired.

As Chairman of the Yorkshire Society for the past seven years, Keith has presided over a period of significant growth in corporate and individual members, with membership increasing five and ten fold respectively.

Keith is also an active participant in a wide range of community activities where his public speaking skills and long-standing links with national, regional and local media are used to great effect. His strong networking ability within Yorkshire and beyond assists both corporate relationships and many activities promoting Yorkshire and all that is great about the county and its people, communities and businesses. Keith is a natural communicator who excels in new challenges and influences key opinion to support a range of community issues and activities. For example, Keith has joined forces with a leading Financial Services Lawyer to launch the People’s Regeneration Fund, which will enable individuals to invest ethically alongside major financial institutions in rural and urban regeneration.

Keith's vision is to bring the financial services sector and regeneration together for the benefit of the integrated community. Because of his considerable financial services expertise and background, his desire is to attain achievement in regeneration in the widest possible sense. He is deeply committed to assisting the disadvantaged, facilitating improvements in schools, local schemes and contributing to community affairs in general.

With his strong corporate and community ties throughout Yorkshire and beyond, Keith is an ideal candidate to promote Yorkshire business and community groups.